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We are a digital agency from Mauritius. We have a decade of history steeped in performance digital marketing, with strategic know-how across all areas of the customer experience. Combined with our best-of-breed technologies and partnerships, we’re able to give our clients a competitive edge that consistently delivers performance results.



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Our approach

Since we got started in 2008, we have been expanding and evolving quietly

Our approach is based on the combination of 3 essential skills : Strategy, Creative Thinking and Technology. All 3 we constantly push towards Excellence.

Doing so, Elevation Concept develops rich customer-tailored communication tools. Not to mention a selection of innovative in-house projects that are constantly on the move !

Our Team

Every person has their purpose. At Elevation Concept we bring together number-crunchers, strategists, analysts, geeks and creatives with one goal in mind: to connect people and brands in more meaningful ways.

Our Vision

We are dedicated to providing our clients with results-oriented advertising, public relations, and total marketing support. We are committed to providing products and services that benefit our clients.

Our Mission

Core Missions

1) Service: Deliver a strong and reliable strategy to generate incremental business. We listen to clients’ needs and business requirements, and implement the right strategy

2) Innovation: Ensure that we are well-informed and master the latest technologies/e-marketing platforms. We make it a point to assess the feasibility and the need to leverage them to promote a business

3) Performance: Achieve incremental revenue through undertaking very specific actions to reinforce and promote a brand by diligently monitoring the Reach, Penetration, Conversion and ROI

4) Ethics: Adopt a very transparent approach to knowledge-sharing with our clients and team members. Ethical marketing is key to driving a healthy and reliable e-marketing strategy.

Working process


Strategy & Planning


Content Creation


Design and Development


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We are a digital agency from Mauritius.
We feed on Technology. Design is the land we belong.
Passion is the air we breathe.